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Hair, Body and Mind

Master Colorist

I have a passion for hair color. I am a certified Wella Master Hair Colorist and I have 30 years of experience. I love continuing my education to help you look and feel your best! I look forward to seeing you!
*Please note:  For current haircut guest appointments please text me to book your appointments. I am currently not taking any new hair cut guests at this time, this service is no longer on my service menu for online booking.

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My name is jennifer, my passion is wellness. 

This passion has directed me to become an herbalist. You are welcome to schedule appointments either in person or online so we can together create the right herbal remedies for your specific malady. My goal is for you to feel better today!




Earth Body and Love products that are created from my hands with gifts from the earth, made with love and available here for online purchases. Shop here!

Halo Couture Extensions

Whether for a special occasion or the occasion called life, HALO products are designed with comfort and personal style in mind for confidence-boosting magic. The collections include The Fall®, The Layered Halo®, The Ponytail®, and The Bang. They all are a simple yet elegant design that is self-applied and damage-free, and and come in multiple color options. Book to find your color match and get your halo today!



What They’re Saying

I was referred to Jennifer Anderson at Shenanigans at the Salon a couple years ago and am so grateful to that friend!!  Jennifer never disappoints!  My hair consistently looks awesome even when I style it at home (which, let's face it, is even more important than walking out of the salon looking great!)  
I stopped coloring my hair a couple years ago and never feel pressured to get color services, although seeing the great results my sister and mother both get from Jennifer's color guru skills makes me consider it often!
I highly recommend Jennifer and Shenanigans at the Salon for all of your hair wants and needs!

Shelley E.

Jennifer @ Shenanigans is a miracle worker when it comes to color! I moved here in 2016 and trying to find a good stylist is quite a mission. I followed her work on social media for a while and finally made an appointment. She did not disappoint! Here I am in 2019 and she is still my girl! I have ALOT of hair- it's long, thick and unruly with curls. I tell her what color I'm trying to accomplish and she nails it every time. In fact, it comes out better than the pictures I show her. My hair looks beautiful and polished every time I leave there. I won't trust anyone else to touch my hair!

Melody D

Jennifer is the ultimate color guru! I have tried so many places to be disappointed in the lack of professionalism (oops, you had an appointment today) and/or  inability to listen to what I want and/or lack of skill. UNTIL I found Jennifer at Shenanigans. From her professionalism to her skill with color, I am a loyal customer for life! If you are looking for a lifetime stylist, Jennifer is awesome and you won't be disappointed.

Deborah B.

I had cracked ribs for four weeks and I started using this salve. Within 5 days I was pretty healed up. Also have possible carpel tunnel in both forearms/hands and I think this helps rubbing it all over my forearms and hands. Also heals cuts, etc. very quickly. I feel this product is a miracle.
As always the healing salve helps with a myriad of issues, from pain, to numbness, to muscle aches. Even started using this on new tattoos in place of Aquaphor; helps the healing. Love it!


Let me start by saying - Jennifer is so rad! She’s an amazing human all around. Thank you for this awesome charcoal/tea tree bar soap. I’ve been switching between this and a foaming cleanser and I always feel so refreshed after using this bar. It smells nice and isn’t too overpowering. LOVE it - try it yourself!


I cannot say enough about this stuff(healing salve)! I use it for my arthritic knees (used to use Aspercreme like it was going out of style)...but most importantly (for me) has slowed my external cancer down. Every year, I get it cut out. This year, I've bought a few more months because I've been using this. Will continue!

Melissa A

Thank you very much for supplying such high-end high quality earth friendly body healthy products.

My friend's baby has had severe eczema on her face and body ever since she was born, she tried the healing salve. I couldn't believe it it was the first time she wasn't scratching up her face! She's only 8 months old!!   

We also used the healing salve on my grandmother when she came home from the care home. Sadly she had bed sores, once we started using the healing salve it got better fast like really fast! Within 3 days it was just a little pink and they were open sores!! 

I have extreme chemical sensitivity, to the point when my friends were perfume even if it was earlier in the day my face itches like crazy and I get a raging headache. I love scented things and it frustrates me because I can't be around them. When I started using Earth and Body and Love I can have my favorite smell in the world peony and soap form and lotion form and I've been ecstatic ever since.

Keep it up! And that reminds me I forgot to order soap..... Guess I'm putting in another order of whipped soap!!  

Sarah S.

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