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Holistic Living Class

Happy Sunday!

I am super excited to share this! I am going to be teaching a holistic living class one day a week, the first 3 weeks of each month starting August 8!

We will be making a product for our daily life every week that will benefit us!

In the class we learn the why's of making a particular item, the benefits of making it, the recipes printed out to take home, and we will be making this item for you to take home and use yourself!

The class will be the first 3 Tuesday's of each month at 1:30 starting August 8th and closing out May of 2023.

I will be teaching this class at American Family Education located at 1267 N. Recker Rd. Gilbert, Az. 85234.

To sign up either reach out to me personally, or reach out to the director at American Family Education, Kathyrn at

I have lesson planned out on what we will be learning about and making in class such as toothpaste, natural bug repellant, parasite herb blend tea, laundry soap, stomach bug herb blend tea, lymphatic herb blend tea, sore throat syrup, hair growth herb blend tea, and so on! I am super excited, I have some really cool stuff planned for each class!

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