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Navigating the Healing Journey: A Personal Reflection

Since embarking on my spiritual healing journey, I've had the privilege of connecting with incredible women who have supported me through various phases of my journey. Some of these connections have been so profound that we've found ourselves walking parallel paths, even when we thought we were on different roads. These divine, powerful women have been a source of strength and inspiration, and I'm forever grateful for their presence in my life.

My journey has been multifaceted, with health becoming a central focus after experiencing some health scares in 2020 and 2022. As I delved deeper into my healing journey, I began to realize that there was so much more to healing than just addressing past traumas and incorporating grounding practices. I discovered the importance of cleaning up my environment, exploring red light therapy, and creating herb blends for nutrition and female health. One of my most significant revelations was the impact of food intake, calories, and protein goals on overall health.

Reflecting on the dietary advice I received in the '90s, I realized that much of it was misguided. For years, I restricted my calorie intake to 500-800 calories a day, believing it was normal and healthy. However, as I entered my late 40s, my body underwent significant changes. I gained weight, experienced hair thinning, and my hormones were thrown off balance. It was a traumatic experience that led me to seek help from a personal trainer.

During my training sessions, my trainer asked about my nutrition and calorie intake, which led to a profound realization. Despite eating clean, I wasn't consuming enough calories, which was affecting my weight, hormones, and overall health. I learned that a lack of protein in our diet can lead to premature aging, weak nails, and brittle hair. This discovery prompted me to embark on a reverse diet, a journey that involves gradually increasing calorie intake to restore metabolic health.

Navigating this journey has been both empowering and challenging. I've had to confront old beliefs about food, body image, and self-worth. It's been a journey of unlearning and relearning, but one that has been incredibly rewarding. I've come to understand that healing is not just about physical health but also about emotional and spiritual well-being.

As I continue on this path, I'm committed to sharing my experiences and insights with other women. I believe that by creating a supportive and compassionate community, we can empower each other to heal and thrive. Let's build each other up, celebrate our wins, and navigate this journey together with love and understanding.

If you resonate with my story or have your own experiences to share, I'd love to hear from you. Please feel free to comment below or reach out to me. Together, let's embrace the healing journey and support each other every step of the way.

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