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Updated: Jan 1

Happy Sunday, beautiful souls! ☀️

Today, I want to open up about my personal health and food healing journey. It's a story of overcoming shame, unspoken struggles, and embracing self-love.

For much of my 20s and 30s, I battled body dysmorphia, calorie restrictions, and an unhealthy relationship with the scale. Toast was a staple, and excessive cardio was my routine. A journey into healing childhood wounds and trauma in my late 30s prompted a shift. However, hair loss and frustration persisted.

Last June, I embraced strength training with a trainer, seeking a sustainable lifestyle. Recently, the scale played mind games. Instead of reverting to old habits, I consulted my trainer. The revelation? I wasn't eating enough. I've challenged outdated beliefs, upped my calorie intake, and witnessed positive changes. Sleep improved, and the obsession with numbers faded.

Navigating hair loss, I prioritized nutrition, crafting a nutrient-rich herb blend. Tea time became a daily healing ritual, inviting friends to share moments of joy over a cup. The compliments on my hair's regrowth are heartwarming.

This journey has reshaped my perspective on food, exercise, and self-worth. Remember, healing is a process, and we're all human, just human'ing. Cheers to embracing your unique journey!

Wishing you a rejuvenating Sunday,

J 🌿✨

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Tanya Kosak
Tanya Kosak
03.04.2023 г.

What a great article and message on vulnerability.. love ya my friend!


Ashlee Haugen-Lewis
Ashlee Haugen-Lewis
02.04.2023 г.

Thank you for your openness and vulnerability. Love your journey

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