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Updated: Jan 1

Happy Sunday, wonderful souls! 🌼✨ It's been a while since I sat down for a blog, so let's catch up on some exciting happenings and random musings.

I'm absolutely in love with this time of year. Our magnolia tree is in full bloom, filling the air with its sweet fragrance. Flowers are everywhere, birds are serenading, and the kids are wrapping up their homeschool co-op for the summer. Our chickens have grown, and the egg hunt is a daily adventure—especially for the one laying beautiful teal-colored eggs. Life on the farm, which I once detested as a child, has become a source of joy. Maybe a Jersey cow is next on the list for that dream of making homemade butter, milk, and cream. Or perhaps just a llama for a touch of whimsy! 😄

Recently, I've been captivated by cooking videos. The idea of gathering a couple of girlfriends, trying out new recipes, and enjoying some wine sounds like a delightful way to connect. Of course, new cooking tools are now in my possession, all set for these culinary adventures with friends.

Exciting news on the business front – my salon and wellness studio are flourishing, and my appointment books are filling up. I'm thrilled to announce a collaboration with Ahna, a fantastic massage therapist. Check out her availability and book at

The red-light sauna is ready for use in the studio! While there are a few finishing touches in progress, you can now book red light therapy sessions on my website. If you're curious about the benefits, check out my previous blog dedicated to the wonders of red-light sauna therapy.

I've received suggestions to create content on making baby formula, a task I took on for our youngest. It turned out to be easy, healthier, and more cost-effective than store-bought options. I'm considering putting together a blog and videos on this topic—stay tuned and share with anyone in need.

Thank you for joining me on this catch-up session. I genuinely appreciate your support, whether it's checking out my blog, visiting my website, or subscribing. Wishing you wellness, happiness, and all the good vibes.

With gratitude,

J 🌿💖

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