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Fall Time

Happy Friday. Hope all is well with you, feel free to comment below what is new with you. I'd love to hear about you. I have been well, busy, but well. I have been pretty consistent with my trainer still with my strength training. I go 3-4 times to the gym each week. I started June of last year on that journey, and boy, has it been a journey of learning a lot of new things. I have bread baking in the bread maker, so the house smells lovely as I type this out. I have been teaching a holistic

living class once a week. On Tuesdays' at 1:30 pm. That has been fun. So far, we have learned about and made laundry soap, relax me tea and roller, a parasite tincture, toothpaste, a drawing salve, an herbal replacement blend for coffee, and an herbal insect repellent. I think the classes have been fun.

I closed down my Etsy shop. I moved my store front to my website. That is pretty exciting. The fees got to be pretty ridiculous at Etsy. Unfortunate to lose all the reviews I had there. I am sure that I can get new reviews and exposure with google. I am happy that I have had quite a few orders lately through my website store, so I am really grateful people are still finding my store, despite giving up the Etsy exposure.

I have so many new items in my store front. I created a wild yam whipped cream for women's hormonal balance. I am really excited for this creation. I had watched a video from Barbara O'Neil on wild yam cream, it was quite interesting, so I made what she was talking about and added much more.

I put together some herb and oil blends for postpartum like an herb blend for a tea, an herb blend for baths and an essential oil roller. I have another blog on postpartum with tips for wellness. A friend of mine helped put categories on my website for easier finding in my store, so these new items are in the women's health section. I am so grateful for her help with that!

I had also put some tinctures together for all kinds of ailments from immune boosting, women's health, pain relief, sore throats, digestive issues. You will have to check out my store! Let me hear your feedback.

The weather is finally cooling down here. The summer was pretty brutal here. I am glad for some cooler weather. The chickens, the dogs, the kids and my trees are all breathing a sigh of relief. I know that I am. I can go out with my tea and ground outside without burning up.

I hope you have a good weekend! Happy beginning of fall!


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