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Fall Time

Updated: Jan 1

Hello, wonderful souls! 🌟 Happy Friday! How's life treating you? Drop a comment below and share your updates; I'd love to hear from you.

As for me, I've been well and quite busy, juggling my routine of consistent strength training at the gym, where I've been on a learning journey since June last year.

In the midst of gym sessions, I'm multitasking with the aroma of freshly baked bread wafting through the house—just a little something to add joy to my day. Teaching the weekly holistic living class has been a delightful experience. We've explored and crafted various items, from herbal insect repellent to relaxing teas, reflecting the diversity of holistic living.

Exciting news: I've relocated my store from Etsy to my website, offering a broader range of items. While parting with Etsy reviews was bittersweet, I'm grateful for the recent orders from my website store.

New creations abound! The Wild Yam Whipped Cream, designed for women's hormonal balance, is a personal favorite. Additionally, I've curated herb and oil blends for postpartum wellness, complemented by a dedicated blog with helpful tips.

Explore my store for an array of tinctures addressing immune support, women's health, pain relief, and more. Your feedback is invaluable!

As the weather cools, relief spreads through my surroundings—chickens, dogs, kids, and trees alike. Enjoying a cup of tea outdoors without the summer heat is pure bliss.

Wishing you a fantastic weekend and a joyous start to fall! 🍂✨

With love,


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