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Mental Health- Schizophrenia.

Updated: Jan 1

"Happy Thursday, lovely souls! 🌞 In this blog, I share snippets of my recent adventures and the bustling activities at the salon and Earth Body and Love store. As the weather changes, many around me have faced health challenges. I find solace in creating herbal blends, elderberry syrups, and more to aid their recovery.

Today, let's delve into a profound topic – Schizophrenia. With approximately 24 million affected worldwide, it's crucial to break the silence around mental health. Why is there stigma? Let's discuss and explore holistic approaches to support this journey.

Diet plays a pivotal role. Embrace clean, whole foods, and consider paleo, carnivore, or keto diets. Eliminate processed sugars, gluten, and monitor water quality. Hydration is key.

Next, prioritize gut health and lymphatic system function. Incorporate herbs like goldenseal, barberry, and others after consulting your healthcare professional. Detox and parasite cleanses can follow once the lymph system is optimized.

Supplements and stress management are equally vital. Explore vitamin levels, including D, A, K, B, C, E, sea moss, NAC, omega-3, magnesium, and more. Manage stress through daily routines, exercise, meditation, and grounding practices.

Remember, lifestyle changes should align with your healthcare provider's guidance. Let's foster a culture of understanding, kindness, and compassion. We're all on unique journeys; let's support each other with grace and love.

If you or someone you love is on this journey, reach out. You're not alone. 💚🌿

With love, j

*Holistic treatments may complement traditional approaches but

consult your doctor before making any changes. They can provide insights into safety and potential interactions with medications."

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