How to make your own baby formula

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I have seen many articles and posts about baby formula shortages. I have had a few people I know reach out to me asking me to make some kind of a video reel of me making formula or a blog on how I made formula for our youngest little.

I am a label reader and I was going through the isle and reading the label for formula. I was so taken a back by the ingredients list. I decided to do something different and looked into making my own formula. If you are in a bind and have no formula and you are not sure of what to do, here is an option. Side note- I did notice how cost efficient it was to make my own formula and our youngest who had a lot of GI issues did much better on homemade formula then he did on any canned formula he had tried prior to me making his formula.

As many know, we adopted our youngest little so breast feeding was not an option for us. Breast feeding is not an option for many for many different reasons. If you do have any questions about making formula, please reach out to me. I would love to help you make formula. If you are local (in Mesa, Az.) and would like help to make formula, please let me know. I know making formula can sound intimidating. I'd be more then happy to help you make formula. I made formula until our little guy was 3 years old. I think I could make it in my sleep. Ha ha

Our story was a bit worrisome for us. The hospital doctors had told us he would never walk or talk. He was born addicted to heroin. He detoxed for 6 weeks. He was on a feeding tube as he couldn't keep formula down. I wanted to make sure I did all I could to help him. You will be happy to know, fast forward- he walks, he talks. He is a bundle of wild joy and he is almost 6. He has overcome a lot of challenges from his beginning. I am so thankful for him in our lives. Our story definitely does add to my passion of making formula as well as becoming an herbalist and healing with herbs.

I will note that I did add some additional supplements to this formula recipe per my natural guys request. I had gotten this recipe from my naturopath and from Dr. Mercola's website. If you are interested in what I added to this, I added some Vitamin D drops, children's DHA, some GI powders that my natural guy suggested.

I purchased a formula kit for the dry ingredients from a website, and replaced each ingredient after that as needed. I will post the link for dry ingredients at the end of the recipe as well as the recipe for homemade whey.

Homemade Formula:


2 cups of whole raw cow's milk - (I got this from Sprouts)

1/4 cup of homemade *whey -(*I will post at the bottom of the recipe how to make this)

4 tablespoons lactose

1/4 teaspoon bifidobacterium infantis

1/4 cup of raw cream - ( I got this from Sprouts)

1/2 tsp cod liver oil

1/4 tsp of grass fed organic ghee - ( I got this from Sprouts)

1 tsp of organic extra virgin olive oil

2 tsp of organic unrefined coconut oil

2 tsp of Frontier nutritional yeast

2 tsp of gelatin

1-7/8 cups filtered water

1/4 teaspoon acerola powder


1.) In a Pyrex glass measuring cup put 2 cups of filtered water in and take out 2 Tablespoons out of that water. That will give you the 7/8 of water.

2.) Pour half of that filtered water into a pan and turn stove on medium.

3.) Add in the gelatin and the lactose powder slowly as stirring with a small whisk, stirring slowly as they dissolve.

4.) When the lactose and gelatin are dissolved, remove from heat and add in the rest of the filtered water.

5.) Stir in the coconut oil and the ghee, stir until melted.

6.) Add remaining ingredients to a blender.

7.) Add the filtered water mixture to the blender and blend for 2-3 minutes.

8.) Pour into glass jars for storing and refrigerate until needed. It is that simple to make!

9.) Before serving to your baby, warm up what you are using on the stove on low, NEVER warm formula in the microwave. (Microwaves- a whole blog in itself!) When I heated up the formula, I would put some in a glass Pyrex measuring cup and place that Pyrex into a pan with a little water at the bottom and heat it that way, then pour the formula into our glass bottles.

*I liked this sight that has the formula kit as they also had glass baby bottles to purchase, which is something to look into for feeding your little one, instead of using plastic bottles. This is where I got the kit for making formula. -

*Homemade Whey Recipe: Makes about 5 cups. Homemade whey is easy to make from good quality plain yoghurt, or from raw or cultured milk. You will need a large strainer that rests over a bowl. If you are using yoghurt, place 2 quarts in a strainer lined with a tea towel set over a bowl. Cover with a plate and leave at room temperature overnight. The whey will drip out into the bowl. Place whey in clean glass jars and store in the refrigerator. If you are using raw or cultured milk, place 2 quarts of the milk in a glass container and leave at room temperature for 2-4 days until the milk separates into curds and whey. Pour into the strainer lined with a tea towel set over a bowl and cover with a plate. Leave at room temperature overnight. The whey will drip out into the bowl. Store in clean glass jars in the refrigerator. Source: Nourishing Traditions by Sally Fallon with Mary G. Enig, PhD.

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