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Simple Check In!

Hi!! Happy Thursday! It has been a minute since I have done any blogging. I have a lot of fires in the oven, I feel! I hope this space between our last chat finds you well! Let me catch you up, just a little personal blog here. I have been in my new salon/apothecary space since the beginning of March. It has

been pretty awesome, actually! I am really enjoying a more casual one on one with people. I think my guests are too! I have had hair appointments, which I am so grateful many of my guests are coming from the westside out to the eastside to see me. I have had a few new guests as well for hair. I had some guests come for wellness consultations! How awesome is that?! I just love love love this space! I am so grateful.

I watched some videos from some herbalists this week, which let me tell you, they were sooo cool! There was one that had a whole chat about Pinterest and why it is good to have yourself there, separate from your personal Pinterest. The lady said that with a business Pinterest you can put pins from your Etsy store to reach more of an audience! How cool is that?! I then created an Earth Body and Love Pinterest page where I will share cool stuff on there too, so definitely check that out and give me some feedback or what you want me to add to the content.

I have been on the health path for quite awhile. I have been using this PURE line for shakes, supplements, antioxidant etc etc for a awhile, and since I have the space and get questions about what I take, I have decided to bring the PURE line into my wellness studio for anyone who wants to grab some wellness products I use and have while they are over! I am really really excited for this! I love wellness and health and sharing health and wellness with others.

Well, that kind of wraps up my chat here! I hope you are well! Much love and light to you! ~Jennifer

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