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Quiet Moments

Happy Thursday. I hope this week finds you well. I have one more week left at the Peoria location and then I will be starting March 1 here in Mesa in my new studio. I am excited and anxious, as it is crazy how the world is spinning all around out of control. I am actually relieved to be working closer to home. I am super excited for everyone to see my new work home! I am so grateful to all those who have contributed to making this happen. I think my amazon wish list is growing with cool things to add to the studio. Ha ha. I think with all the things spinning around, it was good for me to sit down here, gather my thoughts, and take a few minutes to ground and center myself in gratitude and hope to keep focus on what is important. I hope you had some moments you can savor and reflect on that bring you joy and hope for the closing of the night, that bring peace and contentment. Don't forget to take your magnesium before bed! :) Much love.

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