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Let the good times roll!

Happy Sunday to you! I hope you had a nice weekend! I am super excited! I am officially moved to my new home office! I can't wait for everyone to see! I have n amazing husband who has really overhauled this building to make it soo functional! Have I mentioned how excited I am?! I start my new journey tomorrow! I hope all my guests love our new space! I still have a few little things left to do, like put in one of the windows and paint the inside of the doors and trim, but all the major stuff is done! My husband put in new windows, plumbing, new ceilings and floor, he brought all my salon furniture home. Oh guess what? I got a super cute new little cabinet to mix color on and I put it together myself, well with a little help from my sweet son K. He only saw me melt down a few times putting it together once I realized that I had put some stuff together backwards. Ha. I am already for my first day here tomorrow. I hope you have a great Monday as well! Let's have a great week! Much love!

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