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Happy Thursday! Getting the work flow this week, working out the new studio kinks! Hope your week has a good flow.

Let's chat ADD and ADHD today. That is a topic we hear much about, know many who struggle with this. What can we do?

I'll talk nutrients, herbs, diet and essential oils. I'll start with nutrients. Please make sure you are getting quality products. I cannot stress that enough. It really is crucial. They need to be in a bioavailable form for the body to absorb it. Bioavailable form means natural form, as it occurs in nature. Synthetic (meaning man-made) form is not beneficial and is toxic to the body.

Vitamin D. It is really crucial for the body and all of its functions. Vitamin A. It is really helpful for the nervous system. Vitamin K1 and K2. Calcium and magnesium. Follow the directions on the label. It has a calming effect. Kyolic EPA from Wakunaga. Follow the directions on the label. This provides essential fatty acids and helps to maintain brain function. Gamma-amino-butyric acid (GABA). 750 mg daily. This calms the body much in the same way as some tranquilizers, without the side effects or danger of addiction. A multivitamin and a mineral complex. Follow the directions on the label. Mimi's Miracle Glutathione. 10 sprays a day. This a powerful antioxidant which helps cellular protection for the body and brain. Acetylcholine. Follow the directions on the label. This can improve memory and the ability to pay attention. L-cysteine. Follow the directions on the label. This is an amino acid and can help when exposed to high levels of metals. Vitamin C. For adults and children over the age of 12: 1,000 mg 3xs daily. Children under 12: 500 mg 3xs daily. Zinc. Follow directions on the label. Zinc is important for metabolism of relevant neurotransmitters, fatty acids, and melatonin, and indirectly affects dopamine metabolism. Vitamin E. This is an antioxidant. Vitamin B family. B1, B2,B3, B5, B6, B7, B9, B12+B17. This family of vitamins have their own roles in body functions. Omega 3. This is a fatty acid essential for health and brain function. Prebiotics and probiotics. The gut flora is very important to keep balanced and strong. Iodine. This is a crucial mineral for health. Manganese. This mineral can help eliminate toxins and to flush them out of the body.

Let's talk herbs. Valerian root. Catnip. Chamomile. Hops. Lemon Balm. Passionflower. Pine tree oil. Wormwood. Garlic. CBD. Turmeric. Burdock root. Cilantro.

Diet.. I'll start with the to avoids and then move to the adds. When it comes to diet it is best to think of diet as feeding the brain rather then the stomach. These are best to avoid: GMO's. Gluten. Dairy. Refined sugar. Table salt. Food colorings and dyes. Preservatives. Pesticides. Deep-fried foods. Artificial sweeteners. All processed products. MSG. Carbonated beverages. Here are some add to diet: Vegetables. Berries. Fruits. Gluten-free grains. Legumes. Nuts. Seeds. Herbs. Himalayan salt. Unrefined sea salt. I have great book on this so if you would like an emailed PDF let me know. I can send it to you. I also have purchased some great cookbooks called Help Yourself Cookbook for kids, Happy Food, Paleo Instant Pot. We have done a shake that was 1.5 cups of unsweetened coconut milk, 1 cup of spinach, 1/2 cup of blueberries, 1 banana, 1-2 teaspoons of algae, 1 tsp kale powder and a cup of ice. It was a hit with my kids. You have to become quite the label reader. There are plenty of allergen and chemical free healthy treats to choose from. Water is key too, and the quality of that water as well. I know in prior blogs I have touched on water and chemicals and toxicity of how it can be. There are many options for either filtrations systems for your whole house, certain sinks in the house, the shower, containers for the counter that can filter water you add in. It is a great investment to consider to clean up your water.

I'll touch on essential oils now. Vetiver is said to have a calming effect (personally, it is one of my favorites.) Cedarwood is also said to have a calming effect. Lavender can reduce anxiety and help calm people in stressful situations. It is believed that lavender can have the same effect on ADHD and can also improve sleep. Orange can help reduce anxiety and create calm. Chamomile and ylang ylang can help with stress, anxiety and depression. Sandalwood (another one of my favorites) can help with inflammation and can help relax, calm and improve mental clarity. Frankincense can help with focus and may help reduce negative emotions. Peppermint can have a soothing effect. It can help relax and calm restlessness. Rosemary can help improve cognition and concentration.

Here are some extra tips I can add here that are beneficial to look into. Foot reflexology and acupressure therapy. Detox and healing sound frequencies. Grounding. Infrared sauna. Pay attentions to chemicals around your home such as what you use in your laundry. Use natural products when it comes to laundry detergents. (Again, read labels. It is shocking!) The chemicals stay in the clothing and are absorbed into the bloodstream via the skin. Our skin is the largest organ. What types of clothes are you purchasing? Look into what is in the material touching your skin. Is it made environmentally and healthy fabrics? Such as organic cotton or hemp. What about hygiene products- soaps, toothpastes, shampoos, lotions etc etc. This is why I started making a lot of these products and opened an Etsy store. It is dumbfounding just how many chemicals we are exposed to in any given day. Check your kitchenware, avoid plastic as much as possible, including toys. Check the cooking ware you use. Pots and pans can contain high levels of toxins. Teflon leaks toxins and metals into foods. I got a set of the green life pans and the kitchen utensils for our kitchen. Try to store things in glass jars. I get mason jars and have a lot of things stored in glass. We ditched the microwave years ago. It emits radiation and destroys the nutrients in the food. Be mindful of electronics. Shut down the wifi when not needed. Invest in protection devices on electronics. I have a safe sleeve on my phone. It helps shield some of that radiation. Keep phones and laptops on airplane mode when not being used.

Detox baths are amazing. You can put in 2-4 cups epsom salt, 1 cup of baking soda (make sure this is aluminum free), and 1 cup of sea salt. You can add in peroxide and bentonite clay as well. You can add any of those essential oils- 2-4 drops total. Soak a minimum of 45 minutes and do this a few times a week consistently. Make sure to stay hydrated while you are in the tub. Remember the water quality. Tap water contains heavy metals, micro plastics, parasites, traces of drugs and hormones etc etc.. Filtration is a great investment.

Well, I hope some of this was helpful/useful etc etc. I am beat from the day. It is time to retire for the night so I can re start tomorrow refreshed to go at life again. I hope this evening finds you well. Happy Thursday, again, to you. Much love. ~J

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