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Dive into a world of herbal wonders with our Herb of the Month Subscription!


Each month, embark on a personalized journey with a featured herb, unraveling its secrets and discovering its myriad benefits.


Your curated box includes:

*printed information

*exclusive recipes

*a glass jar brimming with the herb for crafting your own tincture

* a dropper bottle and labels for the finished creation

*additional dried herbs for various recipes

*a delightful flower essence

*and, when available, seeds for cultivating your own herbal garden.


Elevate your connection with nature's gifts and nurture your well-being one herb at a time. 

Herb of the Month Box

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Price Options
Herb of the Month
Unearth the Essence of Wellness Every Month – Your Herbal Jo
$55.00every month until canceled
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