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A new Journey has Begun.

Hi! Well, I've never done a blog before today, or created a website, so bear with me while I start on this journey here. I love holistic wellness pretty much anything. I have been sharing things I make on Instagram and Etsy. I created a Insta handle under Earth Body and Love where I share some of the things I make at home. I had some friends encourage me to venture out and share what I have made at home for years with others. I had another friend encourage me to make an Instagram page (Positivity One Meme at a Time) and share recipes, health tips, book reads, encouragement I come across and toxic free home tips. I won't lie, I thought she was crazy for the suggestion, because who would want to follow that?! But, I did. I set up the page and now I've got a little over 700 followers and people do like what I share. It is pretty cool. So here I am

today starting a new journey on a new path. Happy Sunday to you and thanks for reading.

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