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A new Journey has Begun.

Updated: Jan 7

Hello there! Today marks the beginning of my blogging adventure, and I'm diving into website creation for the first time.

Please bear with me as I embark on this exciting journey. I'm genuinely passionate about holistic wellness and all things related.

Over the years, I've been sharing my homemade creations on Instagram and Etsy, using the handle Earth Body and Love. Encouragement from friends motivated me to extend my sharing to a broader audience.

Another friend convinced me to add to my Instagram page recipes that I love, health tips, book recommendations, uplifting messages, and tips for maintaining a toxic-free home. Admittedly, I initially thought she was crazy for suggesting it—who would want to follow such a page?

However, I took the plunge, set up the page, and now, with over 700 followers, I've realized people appreciate what I share. It's a pretty cool experience.

So, here I am today, stepping onto a new path and beginning a fresh journey. Happy Sunday to you and thank you for taking the time to read my humble beginnings.


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