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Weekend Reflection

Updated: Jan 7

Greetings on this delightful Saturday!

As the day unfolds, I trust your weekend has been treating you splendidly. There's a certain tranquility in these early hours after a bustling day—a perfect time to unwind and reflect.

Amidst my weekend endeavors, I've been diligently working on fulfilling some orders.

Accompanying me is my loyal canine companion, nestled beside me, periodically checking in with her single open eye. It's a charming routine—her occasional gaze ensuring I'm still present. I must admit, I find great comfort in her company.

Exciting developments are afoot in my office space. The plumbing is now complete, marking a significant milestone. To streamline my work process, I've acquired a nifty burner plate for the office, eliminating the need to transport all my ingredients back and forth. The convenience is truly a cause for enthusiasm. Perhaps, another teal kitchen aid might be a fitting addition to my office setup—just a thought!

On a professional note, I'm thrilled to share that wellness consultations are now available through my booking link. This addition brings me immense joy as it allows me to assist others in addressing various health concerns.

As I look ahead, there's a sense of anticipation tinged with nervous excitement. While change can be daunting, it often brings remarkable rewards. I'm eagerly awaiting a piece of news that I'll be able to share in a few days. How about you? Are there significant changes on your horizon? If so, how do you navigate the mix of nerves and excitement that accompanies them? I'd love to hear your thoughts!


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