Quiet Reflection.

Happy Tuesday. I am coming to an end in the day. I'm sitting here with the laptop in between my littles in their bed. They are snoring and so is my dog, Sandy. She snores a bit louder then them. She opens one eye every now and again to make sure I am still here. She is pretty great with her love. Funny how I find it a bit therapeutic to hear all their little snores. I try not to take for granted them wanting me to be here until they go to sleep. They grow so fast and before you realize it they are grown and gone, with lives of their own. I definitely miss my oldest being home. I would give so much to have her little again and to hear her little snores next to me. I won't get too gushy about how much I miss her. I saw her yesterday so I get a bit emotional the next few days after I see her.

Moving on to happier topics, I usually work at the salon on Tuesday's. I was off today, exciting because we had rain and hail today. I love when our trees get drinks! I am sure they do too!! My husband has been working so diligently on getting my office ready. I went in today and dusted off some of the shelves and got a lot of my herbs on the shelves. I even went as far as alphabetizing my essential oils to make it easier to find them when I need them. Hopefully that isn't too weird. Ha! It is pretty exciting. I am loving that our kitchen is clearing out of all my herbs and oils and I have all these empty open shelves now! I was starting to take over the kitchen. It reminded me of that movie Toys, where the guy kept stealing space and Robin Williams was all cramped up at the table and the walls kept closing in. I swear when I think of that movie I get giggly, but I swear many haven't seen that movie for the reference. I don't know why, but that movie is one of my top favs.

My husband put the floors in the last couple days. I am thankful he has had so much help from a friend of ours. Plus, I am so grateful he is so handy and helpful! I will post pics when it is all finished.

I am pretty excited about this and I have to share this too! It is a pretty big deal to me how bombarded with the chemicals we are on daily basis, hence why I started creating my own things and weeded out so many products from our home and personal use. I know, I work hard with balance on this topic. My husband got a water filter for the house. We went with the Propur brand, in case you were wondering as there's so many to choose from. I have used their water pitcher in the kitchen for drinking water for awhile now. I really like it. The way he has set up, it will be in my office. It will clean the water in my office, the guest house and our house! I am so excited for this!!

If you haven't looked into the water quality and filters for your sinks and showers, please please do. Our skin is the largest organ, when we shower we absorb so much chemicals and poisons. For many years we invested in some pretty good filters for our shower. It is definitely worth looking into and saving for the investment.

Sandy is ready for bed, she is nudging me to leave the kids bed. She herds me all the time, funny thing she is. Until next time, take care. Thanks for reading.