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Quiet Reflection.

Updated: Jan 7

Greetings on this delightful Tuesday!

As I wind down the day, I find myself surrounded by the soothing symphony of my little ones and our faithful canine companion, Little Dog, all sharing a collective serenade of snores. Little Dog, with her distinctive snoring melody, occasionally opens one eye to ensure my presence—a comforting routine I cherish. There's a therapeutic quality to the ensemble of their gentle snores, a reminder not to take these precious moments for granted. Time flies, and children grow up quickly, embarking on lives of their own. My thoughts often drift to my oldest, and while I saw her just yesterday, the pangs of missing her linger for a few days.

Shifting to more uplifting topics, Tuesdays typically find me at the salon, but today was an exception—a day filled with rain and even hail, much to the joy of our thirsty trees. Meanwhile, my husband has been diligently working on preparing my office. I took the opportunity to dust off shelves and organize my herbs, going the extra mile by alphabetizing my essential oils for convenient access.

Perhaps a touch quirky, but the excitement is palpable. I'm thrilled to witness our kitchen gradually clearing out, making way for open, empty shelves. It brings to mind the movie "Toys," where space was at a premium, and walls seemed to close in—a reference that tickles my funny bone, although I suspect it's not as widely recognized.

Over the past couple of days, my husband, aided by a helpful friend, installed the floors in my office. His handy skills and assistance are truly invaluable. Stay tuned for pictures once the project is complete.

On a note of personal excitement, I've been conscientious about reducing chemical exposure in our daily lives. In alignment with this, my husband invested in a water filter for our home, specifically opting for the Propur brand. We've been using their water pitcher in the kitchen, and now, with the setup in my office, it will purify water not only there but also in the guest house and our home. A significant step in promoting a chemical-free environment!

I'd like to emphasize the importance of evaluating water quality and considering filters for sinks and showers. Our skin, being the largest organ, absorbs chemicals during showers, making quality filters a worthwhile investment.

Little Dog, sensing bedtime, is nudging me to vacate the kids' bed—she's quite the humorous herder.

Until next time, take care, and thanks for joining me on this journey!


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