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On the brink of a new horizon..

Happy Tuesday. I hope you are doing well. I am sitting here unwinding after everyone has gone to bed here. I am excited and nervous this evening, thinking about tomorrow and the changes to come.

Tomorrow is my last day at the west side salon. I will start my new journey. Quite bittersweet of course. I have so many emotions about such a move and change. I guess we kind of tend to be creatures of habit. We will pack up my stuff Thursday and Friday and get my new studio ready to go next week!

I know many will not follow me due to the traveling time of a new location, I think that is what is so bittersweet and has caused so many emotions, having all these memories and attachments with people along the way. It is ok though, we all will find new paths, make new memories and connections. I do hope our paths will still cross from time to time. I updated all my information on Yelp, Facebook pages, and Schedulicity today. That was pretty wild. I will be using the booking link here on my website. I think that is pretty neat! I'll have to update my business cards! That is on my list of to do's!

I was thinking today, I have been at that location almost ten years! That is a long time now a days to be in one place! How long have you been at your place of work? Do you love what you do? What do you do?

However, the new studio I have is looking sooooo cute!! I can't wait to start here. I am really excited. I can't wait for others to see it! It is like little hidden retreat!

I am so grateful to my husband for making this happen, because really with out his generosity of the building and his time fixing it up for me, this wouldn’t be happening. He has put so much detail into this little studio. He is so thoughtful. I am just so grateful! I can share so much more of what I do here. That is really exciting!

I hope you have good sleep. Take your magnesium! I'll be sharing some other health info soon! See ya!

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