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Updated: Jan 7

Hello, and a cheerful Sunday to you!

As we bid farewell to another weekend, I can't help but marvel at the beauty that life unveils, even amidst the surrounding chaos. The post-rain aroma of the desert and the invigorating crispness in the air stand as testament to the wonders around us. A Saturday hike provided a breathtaking journey, showcasing nature's splendor and the delightful critters that inhabit it. In moments of turmoil, it's refreshing to pause and refocus on the truly significant aspects of life.

During our hike, I was captivated by the determination of our little one. He insisted on conquering the mountain independently, a feat that translated into over 12,000 steps on my counter—quite a commendable achievement for a four-year-old! Witnessing his resolute climb reminded me of the importance of embracing challenges.

Today, I took a bit of a breather to tend to a mildly sore ankle, a small price for the grand adventure. Meanwhile, progress continued in my office, thanks to the plumbing work my husband skillfully completed. His hard work and dedication never cease to amaze me, leaving me profoundly thankful.

Gratitude is a powerful sentiment, and as I reflect, I am reminded of the multitude of blessings we have. What about you? What fills your heart with gratitude on this Sunday? I'd love to hear about the treasures in your life that inspire thankfulness.


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01 feb 2021

Iam grateful for being able to wake up every day with a man I love next to me. To have such amazing family right next to me when I walk out the door. To wake up every morning and know I am right where iam Supposed to be. To being able to wake up and smell the fresh air another day. To be part of such amazing peoples life and be truly happy and blessed every single day of my life.

Mi piace
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