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Updated: Jan 7

Hello, Wednesday vibes! Trust life is treating you well. Settling into my new office and every day is buzzing with excitement. Today, let's chat about some swaps that make life easier, more sustainable, and healthier.

Out with the plastic in the kitchen! Opt for glass or stainless steel for drinking and storing. Personally, I'm a fan of mason jars—they even double as trendy drinking glasses. Copper cups are another love of mine.

When it comes to groceries, switch to reusable cloth or paper bags. Toss the plastic and embrace mesh bags for your produce.

Say goodbye to chemical-laden dryer sheets and welcome wool dryer balls into your laundry routine.

Ever tried a bamboo toothbrush? It's a sustainable alternative to the billions of plastic toothbrushes clogging landfills each year. Bamboo is biodegradable and rapidly renewable.

For a touch of old-fashioned charm, go for bars of soap. I craft a variety, available on my website and Etsy store, reducing plastic waste in your home.

Now, whether it's the kiddos' snacks or your on-the-go lunch, resist the lure of single-use plastic. Embrace reusable containers, stainless steel bento boxes, and lidded ceramic bowls for a waste-free lunchtime.

Just a handful of tips for today! Wishing you a fantastic rest of the week. Until next time, sending lots of love and light your way! 💚🌟 #SustainableLiving #HealthySwaps #EarthBodyLove

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