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A little catch up sesh.

Happy Wednesday! I hope to find you well. It has been quite a busy month here for me.

I seemed to have taken a bit of a blog hiatus and been off the grid a bit. I had a brain block of things to chat about, life threw some curve balls my way and I had process some losses in there as well. Life can be funny.

Starting up with a new location for my salon/wellness studio, updating my website store and Etsy store, managing social media accounts to put myself out there in the lime light, as well juggling mom duties to littles was a bit of a task this last month. I am in a bit of an awe of social media influencers. They are quite impressive in their abilities! I think I am finding a balance about it now. Whew!

I am pretty excited that I am learning how to navigate the internet much more effectively! Who would think that this girl who barely understood her phone can build a website- with a little help from some sweet friends!

If you do want to connect on social media, I have created a Pinterest page under Earth Body and Love that I will share useful health information. I have an Earth Body and Love page on Instagram where I share the things I make in my website store and Etsy store. I have a salon hair page on Instagram called Jennifer_divegril_. I have an Instagram under Positivity One Meme at a Time that I share wellness information and recipes. On Facebook I have two hair pages, a personal one and a salon one- Jennifer Anderson- Color Guru and SHEnanigans at the Salon. I also have a Facebook page under Earth Body and Love. We should connect somewhere on them! :)

I am pretty excited that I have had some local guests come to my new salon location this last month and some new orders from all over the United States in my Etsy store. I hope the word of mouth gets out there and the people will come! It is a but intimidating to be at a place for 10 years and then begin fresh in a whole new city! I am so thankful for how many have traveled to come see me from my other city location. I am amazed how many have stayed with me and are making the drive to see me. I am so grateful and thankful and so excited for what the future will bring.

I will post again soon on a helpful health topic! Until then, I hope life finds you well. Much love and light. Goodnight. ~J

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