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A Leap of Faith..

Updated: Jan 7

Greetings on this serene Sunday evening!

As we stand on the cusp of a new week, I trust you've found time for rejuvenation.

My weekend, a whirlwind of productivity, was dedicated to enhancing my office space.

This morning, I unveiled an exciting revelation—I am relocating my salon business from Peoria to my Mesa office.

The support and effort my husband has invested in transforming this space are truly commendable. The office now boasts a charming shampoo bowl and what might be the cutest water heater ever seen, enhancing the overall experience. A noteworthy feature is the water purification system, ensuring that even the water here meets the highest standards.

Anticipation surges within me as I embark on this new venture. The email sent to my cherished guests this morning garnered a spectrum of reactions—some expressed dismay, others offered kind well-wishes yet won't be joining, and then there were those steadfast souls pledging to follow me wherever I go. To all who have chosen me over the years, I am profoundly grateful.

This decision wasn't made lightly. Initially, when I moved to Mesa, leaving the Peoria location wasn't part of the plan. However, the evolving landscape of our world prompted a reevaluation. Despite the challenges, I find solace in the newfound ability to expand beyond hairstyling. The liberty and flexibility in my schedule are unparalleled—I can keep my week open, free from the constraints of commuting, babysitter logistics, and any unfilled days simply mean more time at home.

The response to my schedule changes effective March 1 has been heartening. Booking for Saturday openings began swiftly, a testament to the flexibility I now relish. Exciting plans are underway, including the addition of a sauna for a spa-like experience. Imagine the aromatic bliss when I bring my air sanitizer/purifier from the Peoria salon location to my new studio!

As I conclude this evening, I'll savor my cacao drink, a delightful concoction that deserves a try if you haven't experienced its rich flavors. Perhaps, in the near future, I'll prepare a cup for you when you visit my wellness studio. Wishing you a serene Sunday night, restful sleep, and a splendid Monday ahead!



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Feb 10, 2021

Everything is going to be amazing you can do what you love all in your own studio. It’s time to share all your amazing talents with everyone . Your a strong brilliant women and your going to shine like a diamond! Everyone that comes to see your new place will love the welcoming Atmosphere and all the Natural things you have to offer ! Keep going strong your worth it and deserve it!

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