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A Leap of Faith..

Hope this Sunday evening finds you with refreshment as we approach a new week. A new beginning. My weekend went by so fast! I spent most of the weekend fixing up my office.

I let the cat out the bag this morning. I am moving my salon business from Peoria to my office here in Mesa. My husband has been so amazing with all the work he has put into putting this office together. I even have a shampoo bowl and the cutest water heater I have ever seen for the sink! I am super excited that the water purification system even filters this water in the office.

I am really really excited for this. I know when I sent the email this morning to all my guests the reactions were very mixed, some were mad, some were kind in their well wishes yet won't be following and yet others were like I will follow you wherever. I am so grateful for all who have made the choice to see me throughout the years. There are so many amazing artists anyone can choose from yet, here they have chosen me.

I know this decision hasn't come easy. I had not planned to leave the Peoria location when I first moved to Mesa, yet look how the world has changed. We did not foresee the way things are today around the world. This decision to move was not taken lightly.

I do love that I can expand my business to more then just hair. I can do so much more. I have so much more freedom and flexibility with my schedule as well. I can keep my week pretty much open since I don't have to leave my home, worry about drive time, sitters etc etc. and whatever days don't get full it doesn't matter, I will be home.

It was pretty cool how a few hours after I sent the email about my schedule changing as of March 1, I had a handful of people book online for my first Saturday openings- as I have opened up some Saturdays again-see I love this flexibility!

I am excited, we are going to put in a sauna here too, um hello, a spa experience! I wish I could put a scentavision on here so you can smell how amazing this office smells with all my oils in there! I am wondering what will happen with smells when I bring my air sanitizer/purifier home from the Peoria salon location..

Well, I am going to close on that note this evening and finish this delicious cacao drink I made, which if you haven't tried this stuff in the pic- it is sooo delicious. Maybe I will make you a cup when you come to my wellness studio. Happy Sunday to you, sleep well and have a good Monday!

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